Cognitive Analytic Training in New Zealand

CAT development opportunities available in

New Zealand

Education and workshops are run in New Zealand. There is also an ability to take part in an accreditation process. Supervision is offered individually.


nzCAT organises topic based seminar days which occur throughout the calendar year.  Local and international speakers present on topics such as CAT and culture; Complex Presentations of Personality; Working with Endings in Cognitive Analytic Therapy; and Working with eating issues: a Cognitive Analytic Perspective.  nzCAT has a database of CAT interested professionals and information about upcoming trainings is sent directly to those on the database as well as being posted on the website.  Contact Vicki Bostock on if you would like your details entered into the database.

CAT Skills Training Days

We also offer CAT skills training days. The two day “Introduction to CAT” workshop is run by an approved presenter and can be held anywhere in the country where there are CAT interested mental health professionals (social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, mental health nursing staff). Completion of this training is a pre-requisite for those wishing to gain accreditation as a CAT practitioner.

Accreditation as a CAT Practitioner

Accreditation as a CAT practitioner requires completion of supervised practice, theory hours, personal therapy, and written assignments (essays and case studies).  Practitioners are accredited through ANZACAT (the Australian and New Zealand Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy), and this accreditation is recognised internationally. In New Zealand we offer practitioner training on a part time basis, using a distance learning model which incorporates both face to face training and training delivered via the internet. The course handbook can be seen below under ‘Helpful Documents’. Intake into the practitioner training requires application and occur when there are sufficient trainee numbers and lecturer availability. Please contact any member of the course team as listed in the handbook if you are interested. Contact Louise Smith on for any queries regarding Part 2 of the Accreditation training. Contact Emma Bosworth on for any queries regarding Part 1 of the Accreditation training.

Upcoming Training Dates in New Zealand

  • ICATA Conference, Helsinki 15-17 June

  • Introduction to CAT 2 day course 26-27th October 2022, Auckland

We are pleased to announce that next month we will be running another Introduction to CAT 2 day course. This will take place on 26th-27th October in Auckland. Please see the attached flyer for details and how to register. Feel free to circulate to colleagues for whom this might be of interest.

  • The Australia New Zealand Association of CAT (ANZACAT) Conference 2022

The 2022 ANZACAT Conference aims to bring the ANZACAT community together to reflect on how we make sense of our relationship with change and uncertainty. We are excited to have Assoc Prof Nick Barnes as our Keynote speaker, live at our online event. Yes, we have kept this as an online event but the upside is that we can have some international speakers. Our online conference will be a mix of mini workshops, tabletop presentations and opportunity to see and meet some fellow CAT community members.

  • 2022 CAT Practitioner Training

We are excited to let you know that since February 2022, we are running a further CAT Practitioner training.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Training in Australia

Our CAT colleagues across the ditch also have some great training opportunities and would encourage New Zealanders to come across.

Helpful Documents

These are documents produced by the International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association that contain our guidelines and constitutions that we follow. The ICATA Website can be found at

CAT Constitution

Training Guidelines

Ethical Guidelines

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